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I have wide experience of photographing children and families and have attended numerous family functions such as Silver and Golden Wedding celebrations, Christenings and Birthday parties. Having two children of my own (and now two grandchildren), I have always had a camera to hand. However, I am also a qualified teacher who has been employed by schools for over thirty years to produce detailed photographic records of their pupils’ cultural, sporting and social activities. This has included photographing children of all ages, from 3 to 18, so my experience is probably second to none. I am always happy to photograph your own children on location at your home or at a nearby place such as a park or playground, thus ensuring that your images are unique to you. I believe in making my photoshoots fun, so that I can produce relaxed and natural images, and I am always delighted to see my photos taking pride of place in homes around the world. Finally, children often squeal with delight when they learn that I am a magician (like Harry Potter) and a Full Member of The Magic Circle, with several television appearances to my name. Consequently, they are generally very cooperative when I ask to take their pictures! If you would like to book my services or would like to discuss your requirements, please feel free to contact me